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The Auditing Alliance (Alliance) fills the need for a membership organization dedicated to the development, practice and promotion of environmental, health and safety (EHS) auditing.  If you are an EHS auditor or it may be in your future, this is the organization for you.  The Alliance is open to individuals, including students, retirees and organizations.  No  matter the sector you work in, public and private sectors employees as well as consultants, lawyers and other professions are welcome.  Whether you are an individual or your organization is small, medium or large, you are encouraged to join and participate.  If you are evaluating compliance or management systems, the Alliance provides learning opportunities and resources for EHS auditors. 

Working together we can elevate the EHS audit profession, encourage potential future auditors, and improve EHS impacts and results.  To that end, the Alliance provides opportunities to:
  • Learn through affordable live and recorded presentations, webinars and meetups. Multiple opportunities will be available throughout the year to expand your EHS auditing knowledge and skills.  Some webinars will be limited to members. In-person conferences will be planned after the COVID-19 pandemic and it is safe.
  • Connect with other EHS professionals and students, remotely and in person, through virtual learning and industry group meet-ups, conferences and socials. Talk to other auditing professionals using Zoom in the short-term and in person as conditions permit. 
  • Share successes and challenges. Take advantage of the experience, accomplishments,  trials and tribulations of others via virtual live meetings and recorded sessions.   The Alliance also has opportunities to volunteer to mentor a student or help others avoid pitfalls and improve EHS programs by sharing your experiences and tools. 
  • Grow professionally, whether you are a career-EHS-auditor or not, Alliance learning opportunities will help you build your auditing and business skills.  From back to basics to current trends, you will have access to information and expertise which will address audit skills and business skills. 

While the focus of the Alliance is EHS auditing, related disciplines such as corporate social responsibility and security will also be  covered.

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Contact Information


1856 N Nob Hill Rd.

Suite #620

Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33322


Phone: 954-296-8550

Toll free: 1-833-EHS-Audit


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Cell:  1-954-296-8550


1856 N Nob Hill Rd.

Suite 620

Plantation, FL 33322

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