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2022 EVENTS 

Ethics - Greenwashing

This virtual presentation will focus on greenwashing.  As EHS has evolved and ESG is front stage, reliability, accuracy and completeness of information shared with stakeholders has never been more significant. No matter your role within your organization, this is an important topic. 
The interactive virtual event will be based on excerpts from CSR/Sustainability/ESG reports and include a discussion of the role of EHS/EHS professionals and auditors.

Psychological Safety in the Workplace

The Role of ISO 45003

Companies that strive for a strong workplace culture to sustain quality and safety performance are using ISO 45003 guidelines to support psychological health and promote well-being in the workplace.

Bill Barnes

Join Bill Barnes, Integrated Senior Lead Assessor at LRQA, for an introduction into ISO 45003 that will focus on three areas of workplace risks:

  • How work is organized
  • Social factors
  • Workplace safety/work environment

Bill will explain how you can apply ISO 45003 guidelines into your ISO 45001 OHS management system in the areas of hazard identification, risk assessment, operational controls, performance objectives, internal audit, and management review. Bill will also explore the connections between ISO 45001 and the quality management system standard, ISO 9001, which require organizations to consider specific business risk factors.

Vendor Auditing "Is Still a Thing"

(Well of Course…Waste/Spent Materials Vendors are Probably the *Most* Important External Elements of Any Organization’s Sustainability and Supply Chain Efforts!)

Jeffrey A. Sacre

Executive Director of CHWMEG, Inc.

Us “old-timers” will remember how CERCLA got everyone’s attention focused on waste (and recycling!) vendors.  The USEPA created “motivation” for organizations to become more aware of the risk factors associated with their vendors (extracting large sums of $$$ from PRPs – potentially responsible parties – for CERCLA investigations and cleanups).

Over time, the “motivation” shifted from liability management/loss control (“best management practice”) to stewardship and sustainability initiatives.  Now with supply chain due diligence *obligations* looming in some jurisdictions (Europe and elsewhere), the “best management practice” of vendor auditing may be transitioning into mandatory requirements.  Let’s discuss and share stories during this session.

Ethics: EHS Audits and Fraud

Should fraud be on the radar for EHS auditors? 

Join the Auditing Alliance for a facilitated discussion about fraud in the EHS auditing arena.  The discussion will be based on red flag fraud or manipulation scenarios in the "EHS Audits and Fraud" article* authored by Mr. Lawrence B. Cahill, CPEA.  (When you register you will be sent a link for the full article.)

The discussion will be facilitated by Julie Thompson, Auditing Alliance Founder and Mr. Cahill, CPEA will be participating.

* The article is used with author permission.

The Race to Get PSM Right

What do PSM (Process Safety Management) and dog sledding have in common? Jack Slotnick will answer that question during this interactive session.

Jack Slotnick - CPEA, CPSA

Mr. Slotnick, an experienced auditor, will discuss:

  • preventing incidents using key PSM elements,
  • leadership, and
  • other areas related to getting PSM right.

Ethics for EHS Auditors

Using case studies, a discussion around continuing professional development dilemmas will be facilitated by Julie Thompson, Auditing Alliance Founder.

Julie Thompson

NOTE:  This event qualifies for one hour of continuing education credit for CPEAs and CPSAs. Other certification schemes may also accept it.

Data Analytics in Health & Safety

Trent Russell
Founder, Greeenskies Analytics

Abi Arndt

Data Scientist, Vulcan Materials Company

Data analytics is a hot topic in auditing. Join Trent Russell, Founder, Greenskies Analytics, and Abi Arndt, Internal Audit, Data Science - Vulcan Materials Company for a discussion of using data analytics in health and safety.  Mr. Russell worked with Ms. Arndt and Vulcan Materials on health and safety data analytics. Their presentation will include a case study of implementing data analytics in health and safety at Vulcan Materials.

NOTE:  This event qualifies for one hour of continuing education credit for CPEAs and CPSAs. Other certification schemes may also accept it.

EHS Certifications Part 1


This is the first in a series of presentations about EHS certifications and credentials.

Auditing  certifications and credentials are important to organizations and individuals.

Allan Griggs

Dan Roczniak

Dan Roczniak from the American Chemistry Council, Senior Director, Responsible Care and Allan Griggs, Senior Management Consultant and recent member of the BGC Board of Directors will join the Auditing Alliance for an information session regarding:

  • Responsible Care®: What it is and how an organization becomes certified, and requirement for auditors.
  • Board of Global EHS Credentialing: What is this organization, the credentials they offer and the requirements to achieve the credentials.

Even if you (or your organization) hold a credential or certification, this presentation is for you. Information provided can be used in the RFP  and hiring processes to identify candidates with the education, training, and experience to conduct audits within or on behalf of your organization.

Banish Burnout

Tired of COVID, working from home, hybrid auditing, and a return to travel? It’s been a year… or two. Luckily, stress can be a rude, yet motivating, invitation to create a better life at work and at home. Earn CPDs as you learn the mindsets, skills, and habits needed to work well, be happy, and profitably productive.

Margarita Gurri, PhD, CSP (Certified Speaking Professional), recognizes EHS auditors and professionals often deal with burnout.  In this engaging presentation, she will help participants recognize the signs of burnout and provide strategies to address burnout.


This will be the first ethics event for 2022.

Auditors will face ethical dilemmas throughout their careers.  Your ethical boundaries will be challenged.  How you choose to act will be simple in some situations, but tough in others.

This will be an interactive hour where case studies will be discussed with participants weighing in on what they would do. The session will provide the opportunity to share your thoughts and challenge your thinking.

Virtual Auditing Case Studies

With Maryanne Diberto, Boston Environmental Group, and Rob Bray and Joe Cotier both from Elm Consulting Group International, LLC.

Maryanne DiBerto

Rob Bray

Joe Cotier

This is the first Auditing Alliance presentation of virtual auditing case studies. Two approaches to virtual auditing will be discussed. One approach is a completely virtual audit and the second a hybrid approach. You will hear from auditors who have conducted virtual audits as they discuss the benefits and challenges. You don't want to miss this as EHS auditing adapts to a new environment.

Note:  This qualifies for one hour of continuing education credit with participation.

Technology for EHS Auditors

With Terry Brock, a technology trends expert, author, speaking professional and coach . 

Terry Brock

If you are auditing virtually, you don't want to miss this event! Terry Brock brings his passion for technology to an interactive hour all about EHS auditing and technology. Terry is an enthusiastic speaker and adept at engaging with audiences and getting them involved.   As EHS auditing transitions to virtual auditing, this is a timely discussion. 

Additional Virtual Events Being Planned

Remote Auditing Case Studies

Obvious and No-So-Obvious Aspects of Vendor Audits


Internal Controls

Working from Home

Check back for details

Obvious and No-So-Obvious Aspects of Vendor Audits

Postponed, will be rescheduled

Auditing vendors may seem straight forward  or easy. The reality can be quite different. Jeff Sacre, Executive Director at CHWMEG, will discuss  performing vendor audits, what to do with the results, and how the results may impact an action plan as well as vendor selection.


During this pandemic, in-person events are simply not safe. Once the "New Normal" is established in-person events will be revisited.

2021 EVENTS 


This will be the final ethics event for 2021. Julie Thompson, Founder Auditing Alliance, will discuss some of the ethical issues EHS auditors may face.  The focus of this virtual event will be ethics as they relate to external reporting, ESG and DEI.

Reflections from a Monitorship Experience: Lessons for EHS Audit, or Same Same?


Doug Hileman will be sharing experiences and takeaways from his participation in monitorship. Included will be  discussion of the current state of risk and how EHS auditing should adapt.  Doug will share his perspectives on risk assessment and quality assurance review related to EHS auditing.

Working with Lawyers

Tim Wilkins, a member of the Environment, Lands, and Resources practice at the international law firm of Bracewell LLP and the long-time Managing Partner of the firm's Austin, Texas office will discuss:

(1) why EHS auditing is so legally loaded and what that means for auditors and auditees,

(2) what counsel wants to see in terms of process and work product given the legal stakes,

(3) how and why attorney-client privilege, attorney work product doctrine, and state audit privileges work (or not) to contain risk, and

(4) how and when environmental audit disclosure can be used to reduce risk and why EHS auditors and counsel are a necessary team for purposes of disclosure.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and EHS Auditing

Julie Thompson, Auditing Alliance Founder, will tackle a topic that is often sensitive and can be overlooked or ignored.

Diversity has been an issue for decades.  Over time, it has been recognized that equity and inclusion are related to diversity.  Diversity, equity & inclusion (DEI) and EHS are directly related. 

This presentation will include an overview of DEI, the relationship between DEI & EHS, and audit concepts. Evaluating DEI for your organization or client, as well as taking an introspective look, will also be discussed.

ESG: What is it?

Is it related to EHS?

Lawrence Heim

Lawrence Heim of CCRCorp will provide an overview of "ESG" - Environment, Social & Governance.  A hot topicthat EHS and other professionals need to be familiar with. The discussion will also draw the links between ESG and EHS.

You don't want to miss this opportunity to get your questions answered about ESG & EHS.

Virtual Auditing: A Case Study

Ernie Garcia

Gary Williams

This presentation will provide an overview of an actual virtual audit and some of the Augmented Reality tools available to conduct audits remotely.  Experienced EHS auditors Gary Williams and Ernie Garcia will talk through a virtual auditing case study and discuss the pros, cons, positives and challenges.

You don't want to miss this opportunity to learn about another model for conducting EHS audits virtually.

Becoming The Everyday Ethicist™: Doing Things the Right Way the First Time

Amanda "Jo" Erven

We are not as ethical as we think we are. All evidence points to the fact our society is not getting any better ethically. The number and variety of recent scandals proves our culture has changed in the last half century to one with a greater emphasis on self: "The Big Me.”

People desire to become more ethical, but the first steps in changing any behavior is self-awareness and a greater understanding of the problem. In this session, we will explore the role of "The Ethical Rationalizer” and why we tend to consciously or unconsciously rationalize away our unethical behavior. Then we will shift our focus to "The Everyday Ethicist™," and learn how to adopt values and behaviors that will improve our society’s ethical culture and your industry’s ethical culture, one person at a time.

Auditing & Accreditation with the Center for Offshore Safety and

Corrective Action Plans

Whether you have offshore oil drilling operations or not, this presentation will increase your EHS audit knowledge. The management systems concepts adopted by the Center for Offshore Safety (COS) have broader application. Curt Johnson will also discuss Corrective Action Plans and tools developed by COS that can be used in any industry.

Situational Awareness for EHS Auditors, Other Road Warriors, and Everyone Else

Whether you travel alone or with a team, domestically or internationally, this presentation will cover situational awareness. Though you may have received training related to your workplace, this presentation focuses on situational awareness as you travel.  Mr.

José M. Abranté, will provide information and tips to make your travels more safe.

What Happened?

How Good is your Incident Investigation Process?

Industry looks to learn from past incidents with the intent to prevent them from reocurring. Unfortunately, not all incident investigations are done well enough to foster good learnings.

How do you tell if the investigation process used is a good one?

This presentation cover a protocol developed to assess the quality of a company’s /site’s investigation process. It will address why the protocol was developed and what it looks at.  A discussion regarding some areas that garnered much consideration during protocol development will also be included.

Lockout/Tagout Part 2

Process Isolation

Join us for Part 2 of the Lockout/Tagout series. The presentation will focus on the isolation of process equipment, with a focus on chemical plants and petrochemicals.  However, it is applicable to other industries that have high pressure equipment, vents, drains and heat exchangers in equipment. 


This is a repeat of the first in a regular series of discussions regarding ethics for EHS auditors. (Some people were unable to attend in December, and requested it be presented again.)

Ethics continues to be an important aspect of EHS auditing. As technology and COVID change the landscape of business and auditing, EHS auditors will continue to face ethical dilemmas. Julie Thompson, Founder of the Auditing Alliance, will discuss some of the ethical standards  other organizations have developed that apply to EHS auditors. In addition, there will be a group discussion around some examples of potential ethical dilemmas that an EHS auditor might encounter.

This will qualify for 1 hour of continuing education credit for CPEAs and CPSAs. Other organizations may also recognize it.

Note:  If you participated in the December presentation you are welcome to join us on January 21st. The material and examples will be the same.


Auditing Alliance Forum

Monthly Discussion Group

3rd Tuesday each Month

4pm - 5pm EST


This discussion group is open to anyone, you don't have to be a member of the Auditing Alliance. Monthly virtual (Zoom) events will be facilitated my Elm Consulting.

The goal is to share information, meet new people, catch up with some old friends and stay abreast of emerging trends.

The events will be the third Tuesday of every month at 4PM-5PM EST.

Both Auditing Alliance members and non-members are welcome to join the calls.

These calls will qualify for one hour of continuing education credit for members of the Auditing Alliance and are recognized for CPEAs and CPSAs. Other organizations may also recognize the continuing education.

Auditing Alliance

Socials & Networking

Enjoy a beverage of your choice while you reconnect with friends and meet new people.

The Auditing Alliance will host periodic social & networking events. The dates and times will rotate so multiple time zones and varying work schedules can be accommodated. 

Some of these social & networking events will be free and open to anyoneOthers will be for members only.


First Social & Networking Virtual Event

While there will be plenty of time for open discussion, this first virtual event will include "show and tell". Please have something you have purchased since early March or that you have found around the house that has made your life easier or makes you smile during the pandemic.

Though this is a free event, registration is required for the login information. You can go to to register, or click here.

Hope you can join us!

Topics for future virtual events include:

  • Remote Auditing Case Studies
  • Components of the audit process, from planning to corrective action
  • Polishing your professional skills
  • Audit tools & techniques
  • People skills
  • Report writing
  • Ethics for the EHS auditor
  • Regional meetings
  • Industry group meetings
  • Interest group meetings
  • Virtual meetups for networking and to get to know other Auditing Alliance members




Participant feedback:

"I really appreciate the presenters' depth of knowledge into these little exercised but important requirements. A great reminder that as an EHS manager or auditor, we have to stay on top of details."

Barbara Jo Ruble, QEP, CPEA

Specialty Technical Consultants, Inc.

Debby Shewitz, CSP

Owner, Shewitz Consulting, LLC

OSHA's Control of Hazardous Energy (LOTO) standard is somewhat vague and can be hard to understand without studying the manual OSHA provides to agency inspectors.  The Enforcement Policy and Inspection Procedures provide much more detailed guidance, explaining how OSHA interprets its LOTO standard and what auditors should be looking for in evaluating compliance with the standard. In this virtual presentation, Barb and Debby will share insights regarding common audit findings and how to verify whether LOTO programs are effective.

Internal Controls: What Are They? Are They Important in EHS Audits?

Rick Hightower, CPA, CIA, CISA

Acting Director-Delivery Directorate

United States Postal Service-Office of Inspector General

Join the Auditing Alliance and Rick Hightower, as he discusses  the definition and components of internal controls. While "internal controls" has traditionally been an audit term in financial auditing, it also applies in EHS auditing. Share Rick's energy and audit enthusiasm as he provides insights into internal controls, risks and the how recent events impact risk to audit and organizational objectives.

Are You Ready? Auditor Competencies in a Changing World

With Ann Buterra, CRP and President of The Whole Person Project, Inc.

During this interactive one-hour session, Ms. Butera will explain the critical competencies you need in a changing environment, and how you can adapt and develop these abilities. Upon completion of this session, you will be able to:

  • Increase your readiness during uncertain times
  • Focus on the competencies you need to audit in a changing environment
  • Walk away with practical approaches you can use to develop and increase the skills you need

More information about Ms. Butera and The Whole Person Project, Inc. can be found at

Continuing Education:  This presentation qualifies for 1 hour of continuing education for CPEAs and CPSAs. Other organizations may also recognize it.

Going Back to Work During a Pandemic

Tips and Tools

A panel from The Elm Consulting Group International LLC, including Patrick J. Doyle, Florencia González Otharán  and Peggy Gamez

Join a discussion about returning to work during a pandemic. Whether you are returning to your own office, client sites or traveling, there are lots of issues to think about. The panel will discuss tips and tools for returning to work as we still deal with COVID-19.

Continuing Education:  This presentation qualifies for 1 hour of continuing education for CPEAs and CPSAs. Other organizations may also recognize it.

Current Implications of Insurance and Environmental Audits

With Jared Dubrowsky, Vice President, Environmental Practice at NFP

Mr. Dubrowsky will discuss the fundamentals of environmental insurance and how an environmental audit can benefit purchasers by aiding the underwriting process.  You will also gain a better understanding of environmental insurance in the age of COVID-19.

Continuing Education:  This presentation qualifies for 1 hour of continuing education for CPEAs and CPSAs. Other organizations may also recognize it.

Video Available Soon:

Working Remotely Successfully

Gabrielle McDonald, CPEA, ISO:14001 Management Systems Auditor and owner of Mela Environmental Solutions

Many organizations are seeing the benefit of working from home, and with restrictions and safety concerns over COVID-19, many employees have joined the work-from-home work force.  In this one-hour interactive webinar, join Gabrielle as she provides tips and guidance for working from home and how to make your experience the best and most productive it can be.  With over 20 years of experience working from home in her Colorado-based office, Gabrielle will discuss strategies around schedule and time management, staying focused and on task, communicating effectively, and making the most of your workspace - wherever it may be.  More information about Ms. McDonald and Mela Environmental Solutions can be found at

Dealing with Difficult People

Dr. Margarita Gurri, PhD, CSP (Certified Speaking Professional)

Difficult people are everywhere. Sometimes it's them. Sometimes it's us.

Difficult people are everywhere.

Sometimes it's them. Sometimes it's us.

  • Understand and manage 6 communication styles
  • Practice strategies to maximize performance
  • Manage tempers, drama and stress with grace
  • Earn 1 hour of continuing education
More information about Dr. Margarita Gurri and other programs she offers can be found at

Cell:  1-954-296-8550


1856 N Nob Hill Rd.

Suite 620

Plantation, FL 33322

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